72 a St. for Saxophone Quintet (AATTB) + Rhythm Section

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Sheet Music




Product Code: 07541
Author: Javier Zalba
Publisher: Advance Music
Series: Sax Quintet
Publisher SKU: 07541
UPC-A: 805095075410
Instrumentation: Sax Quintet (AATTB)

For Saxophone Quintet (AATTB) + Rhythm Section (Piano, Double Bass, Güiro, Conga Drums, Timbales, Drum Set)

The "Guaracha“ combines the "Son“ with rhythmical elements of the "Rumba complex“. It represents traditional Cuban dance music that can either be performed with vocals or interpreted instrumentally, as is done in this case. The "Guaracha“ is a cheerful rhythm that is played very fast.

When performing this rhythm, it is of utmost importance – especially to the harmonic rhythm section – to maintain the tempo and the groove ( or "marcha“ as the Cubans say).

The saxophone section should pay special attention to the accents and to playing the syncopations, or offbeats, short. (Further information on this technical aspect can be found in the book "Saxoneando – the Saxophone in Popular Cuban Music“, also published by Advance Music.)

The "Mambo“ (comparable to a "riff“ in jazz) can be repeated several times with a number of soloists relieving one another at performing this part. Thus, more variety is added to the theme. The bandleader finally decides when to go into D.C. to finish the theme. If desired, it is also possible to perform the "Mambo“ one final time after the last solo and then go into D.C.