Flute Soneando - Solo Flute






Product Code: 08510
Author: Javier Zalba
Publisher: Advance Music
ISBN-10: 3-89221-085-3
Publisher SKU: 08510
UPC-A: 805095085105
Instrumentation: Flute

Bilingual Spanish/English version.

This book dedicated to the flute in popular Cuban music is a method in which I have tried to include all the technical and stylistical aspects that are of interest to the musician who wishes to become acquainted with the world of Latin music.

On the one hand, the book presents the most important genres of our music where the flute plays an outstanding role as a solo instrument; on the other hand, it introduces the most essential characteristics of the individual genres the flutist should be familiar with when performing Cuban music.

This method mainly focusses on technical aspects comprising the knowledge of the clave, articulations, embellishments and the like, presented along with exercises, examples and the analysis of flute solos.

I would like to recommend you this book written with deeply-felt dedication by one of Cuba’s greatest contemporary flute players. This excellent work, I have had the pleasure of viewing before its publication, has been created by supreme effort by a good friend of mine who I have worked with at work sessions, on stage and in the recording studio for a long time. I hope that this wonderful concept will help to give worldwide publicity to an instrument of fundamental importance to Cuban music of all times.

~ Orlando Valle "Maraca"


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