Sax Quartett In Eb, Op. 8, No. 3






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Author: Christoph Enzel
Publisher: Advance Music
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UPC-A: 805095074116

Johann Christian Bach (Leipzig 1735 - London 1782) is the youngest of Johann Sebastian Bach's sons.

He composed in the gallant aesthetic, a style incorporating balanced phrases, emphasis on melody and accompaniment, without too much contrapuntal complexity. The gallant movement was against the intricate lines of Baroque music, and instead places importance on fluid melodies in periodic phrases.

The text in the original print was:
The present composition is the third of a set of Six Quartettos for a German Flute, Violin, Tenor and Violoncello composed by John Christian Bach, Music Master to her Majesty, dedicated to his Excellency Sir William Young Bar Governor of Dominica.

The arrangement for Saxophone Quartet adds another beautiful piece to the classical repertoire.