La Noche Festiva: II. Tango del amor

Sax Quartet Arrangement

Sax Quartet Arrangement




Product Code: 07451
Author: Dennis Anderson
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 07451
Instrumentation: Saxophone

Saxophone Quartet (SATB)

La Noche Festiva for Sax Quartet is one of Dennis Anderson’s newest compositions. In five movements, each can be performed separately or ensemble as a complete suite. Each movement represents an authentic Latin musical form and should be carefully approached with an indigenous Latin flavor, sensibility, and ‘attitude’.

Tango del amor:

Inspired by the multitude of prolific Spanish composers, this tango has an authentic rhythmic feel with lilting melodies, rich harmonies, and intriguing chordal structures. The tenor saxophonist is given the opportunity to improvise on the tune, accompanied by the rest of the quartet. A well-crafted recapitulation brings this movement to a robust cadence. (Running time: 3:08)