La Noche Festiva: V. Final enérgico - Sax Quartet

Sax Quartet Arrangement

Sax Quartet Arrangement




Product Code: 07454
Author: Dennis Anderson
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 07454
Instrumentation: Saxophone

Saxophone Quartet (SATB)

La Noche Festiva for Sax Quartet is one of Dennis Anderson’s newest compositions. In five movements, each can be performed separately or ensemble as a complete suite. Each movement represents an authentic Latin musical form and should be carefully approached with an indigenous Latin flavor, sensibility, and ‘attitude’.

Final enérgico:

The samba is one of the most expressive of all Latin dance forms. It’s sexy, passionate, and energetic. This final movement represents the end of a festive evening: out with friends, family and neighbors, drinking and enjoying one another’s company, then preparing for departure to a variety of abodes. Although the movement begins and ends in compound 3/2 meter, Final swings and sways, employing complex and contrapuntal harmonies, rhythms, and percussive accents. The baritone sax provides a soloistic bass line throughout. (4:01 min.)